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Hello folks!

On September 9th, The So What Project! performed to a crowd of over 100,000 people in their home town of Buenos Aires (see pic below), who had gathered solely for a Global Peace Meditation.

Now the band is bringing that energy to the Bay Area for the first time! We're expecting 1,500 people on October 12th at Fort Mason in SF!

Yoga Rave is a unique, substance-free event that involves a beautifully designed four hour journey of meditation, movement, yoga, interactive live music, and dance party celebration. It's part of a four city U.S. tour and it will be one of the largest dance parties in San Francisco this year. The So What Project! is coming all the way from Argentina to visit the Bay Area for the first time and they perform and awesome blend of ancient sanskrit mantras/chants mixed with modern beats (e.g. rock, techno, hip-hop, etc). Mantras are just sound vibrations that have a specific event on the body/nervous system and the energy and connection generated in the room during the concert/dance party after yoga and meditation is phenomenal.

Plus the event will be hosted at the Divine Play AcroYoga festival and will include acrobatic jams and circus-type performances, massage/body work, face painting, NUMI Tea chill lounge, and more!

Yoga Rave 

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